Glenn Huebner               146 South Liberty Drive, Stony Point, NY 10980 rtified Personal Trainer 
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Welcome to the place

thats going to change your body!

 Welcome to Body By Huebner Inc

If you're on this site, it is because of all my clients!  In an industry that has become increasingly competitive, and full of gimmicks, their dedication to becoming stronger, healthier people is unmatched to others I have encountered following other programs.  Each of them has worked incredibly hard to achieve their results.  I would like to thank all of them personally for staying with me, following my plan, and trusting me with their valuable time.  It is because of what my clients have helped me to build, I am able to offer the same services to you at my new facility today!

Join Antime!

At Body By Huebner Inc.,
our goal is simple…to change your body! 

I welcome you and all of your friends to come visit my new studio on the upper level of Colonial Plaza in Stony Point, New York. Body By Huebner Inc. has crated a unique training facility that allows you to choose from a variety of fitness environments.  We offer group boot camp classes, one-on-one personal training, and private group training.  We also offer training for figure, bikini, fitness and bodybuilding competitions. 

 Body By Huebner continuously strives to use fun, current
 and creative fitness training techniques to keep you motivated.  We know how valuable your time is.  We will give you the push you need to succeed.  During each session you will learn how to get the most effective workout. Not only will you learn proper form and correct use of equipment, but also ways you can continue your fitness routine when you are on your own or away from home.

Each one of our programs has proven results, whatever your fitness level may be.  At Body By Huebner, we want you to think of our facility as the place you come to get fit…not the place you need to be fit to come to!  Just bring your will to change.

 Don’t wait any longer to join the most inexpensive and effective program in the Northeast.  More classes, more times, more instructors, more possibilities!

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