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Boot Camp Classes
2014 Schedule

 Which Body By Huebner
Fitness Program is Right for You?
 Boot Camp Weight Training Session  2014 Fall Schedule

Whether you're a beginner or a workout guru...this is the class for you!
            This class includes circuit and resistance training using free weights and weight lifting equipment as you work through various exercises and rep ranges to bring your body to the next level of fitness! In addition, this class includes core training and plyometrics incorporating high and low intensity intervals to keep you physically and mentally stimulated!

 Classes Meet 3 Days Per Week
Monday / Wednesday / Friday
5am,6am, 9am 10am...4pm...6pm,7pm
Call now to reserve your spot.
845 641 6132

Click here for a complete list of times, and prices!

 Boot Camp  2014 Schedue

Are you ready to change your body?
Then this is the class for you!

 This boot camp class incorporates light weight training, band resistance training, calisthenics, plyometric training, core work, and loads of fun under the watchful eye of our personal trainers and their stopwatch.  Our goal is to help push you to your next fitness level.

  Classes Meet 2 Days Per Week
Tuesday / Thursday
Call now to reserve your spot.
845 641 6132
Click here for a complete list of times, and prices!

Join anytime!
BEST THING TO DO IS WALK IN....and see for yourself!
all classes run approximately every 8 weeks.     
NEW session starts March 10th     
  • To secure these price and reserve a time slot in these programs, the entire session must be prepaid and paid in full prior to the start of the session. 
  • When you purchase a Boot Camp Session package in full, you are agreeing to commit to the scheduled number of weeks, dates, and specific time slot for that session.
  • Please understand make up classes or reimbursement for cancellations or missed sessions will not be granted.

  • To ensure all members receive an optimal workout all Boot Camp Classes are limited to a specific number of members per session.  A minimum of 6 is needed.  You may join at any time if space is avaliable.
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